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This week’s Nintendo download includes the following content:

Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch

TRON: Identity – Step into a new grid in this narrative puzzle adventure set in the TRON universe. Uncover dangerous truths and reclaim what’s been lost as you navigate a perilous world. Your decisions and the alliances you forge will actively influence the story, with a host of possible outcomes shaped by your actions. Good and bad. The future of the Grid hangs in the balance. TRON: Identity will launch on April 11.

Pupperazzi – Put your love for puppies to the test! Photograph and catalog the cutest (and dumbest) dogs to build your career, upgrade your camera, and discover new dogs. Dodge between people and obstacles as you try to capture canine beauty in eternal digital photos. Double-jump through buildings to get this lucrative shot of a local canine celebrity just trying to live his life. Slow-motion zoom captures moments in the air that make you feel something. It’s a ruff world out there and it’s up to you to document it! Go get Pupperazzi today!

Curse of the Sea Rats – Curse of the Sea Rats is a platform adventure with lovingly hand-drawn animations. Embark on the epic journey of four prisoners of the British Empire, turned into rats by the famous pirate witch, Flora Burn. To find their human bodies, they will have to fight dangerous bosses, unlock the secrets of the vast Irish coast and finally capture the witch who cursed them. Start your adventure on the high seas today.

Batora: Lost Refuge – Take a journey in this non-linear, story-driven, interplanetary action RPG. In Batora: Lost Haven, you play as Avril, a 16-year-old girl with extraordinary powers. After a mysterious and devastating event, it’s up to you to save your planet. Explore colorful and fascinating worlds in this fast-paced adventure where you’ll harness the power of your body and mind to overcome the challenges and obstacles you encounter along the way. Choose your destiny in Batora: Lost Haven today.

wild frost – Take on the toughest elements in this roguelike tactical deck-building game. Build and customize your deck as you set out to end the eternal freeze. Customize and upgrade cute companion maps and expand your hub town with each run to unlock new items, events and challenges! Build and battle your perfect deck to end an eternal winter. Wildfrost will launch on April 12. Digital Spotlight: World Health Day – Find time to celebrate yourself this week! Get your groove on your favorite tracks in Just Dance Edition 2023. Dance with up to five friends in a private party and play as if you’re all in the same living room! Hit the court with your friends and family in Nintendo Switch Sports as you swing, punch and throw your way to victory. If you’re looking for a space to relax, make a stay at your island getaway at Animal Crossing: New Horizons. All of these games and more are now available on Nintendo eShop (additional accessories may be required for multiplayer; sold separately).

Nintendo eShop sales:

Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch Save on select Mario games! – Celebrate the Mushroom Kingdom hero with savings on select Nintendo Switch games featuring Mario and friends. Save on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Super Mario Maker 2 And Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury — but hurry, because the sale ends April 7 at 11:59 p.m. PT! Don’t forget, My Nintendo members also earn Gold Points on qualifying digital purchases. Additionally, when you purchase certain digital games featured in the MAR10 Day sale, you’ll receive a code for a seven-day free trial of Nintendo Switch Online. Discounted games can be purchased directly from the Nintendo eShop or on at Save on select digital games with the Spotlight Partner Sale! – Find great deals on gaming essentials, favorites and more! From now until April 17 at 11:59 p.m. PT, save on select digital games as part of the Partner Spotlight sale. Shop on or on your Nintendo Switch console to buy and download games so you can start playing them right away.

Also new this week in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch:

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