Video games are good for your mind???

Video games are good for your mind
Video games are good for your mind

Do you know video games are good for your mind as well as body? Want to know how? This is the right place for you. If you have ever thought twice before playing addicting games, don’t worry, play video games, it would not affect your health. Though it is hard to wrap your head around as you have listened to it from childhood “don’t sit too close to the TV, it will damage your eyes”, right? And “don’t affect your health on playing video games or don’t waste your time playing video games and go outside”. Yes, we all believe in these verdicts given by our parents, guardians or loved ones to us. But sometimes we should dig out some facts before believing in anything soon.

Benefits of playing video games!!!

Exercise your brain with video games:

Recent researches conducted by several scientific organizations have concluded that playing video games can improve the quality of one’s life especially of those who are disabled or who are mentally ill. A study conducted in Germany has proved that playing video games matters to make your brain learn new skills and to broaden your brain.

According to layman’s terms, playing video games can affect the brain parts responsible for memory, information organizations, spatial orientation, and fine motor skills. Even a study claims that playing video games at least 30 minutes a day will improve your life.

Just to determine how video games affect people’s brains, scientists choose two different groups of people, the first group has to play a video game for at least 30 minutes a day while another group of people does not have to play video games. Then scientist uses MRI (magnetic resonance imagining) to see the size of the brain of both the groups to determine the accurate results. MRI test has also been done before the start of the study to determine the effects on both of the groups.

The result was quite surprising for all, there was a difference in the brain structure in both groups who play video games and who does not. There is a direct link between playing games and a volumetric increase in the brain. The study concludes that video games can train the human brain while learning new skills depending on the type of game you are playing. Scientists prove that video games can help those people who are facing Alzheimer’s disease and who are mentally ill.

Real-world problem-solving skills

These days, video games are present that show the problems of the real world. Real problems can also teach the solving strategy of the problems because real-life problems are much similar to the problems that exist in video games. You will also learn a lot of new skills as well as strategies that will help you in real-life situations.

addicting games
addicting games

 Great, so play as much as you can!!!

So, don’t worry about the addicting games and play video games as much as you can. Sometimes, we do not have to believe in what we listen to from others, we should look for the facts whether it is right or wrong. It is not just the convenience of the play that makes the video games appealing and attractive to us but as well as its offered benefits make video games appealing. So, don’t worry and play addicting games to enjoy the benefits of playing video games.


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