video games aren't fun anymore.


Sorry this video is a bit more serious, the next video is a comeback. I just felt like I needed to talk about this before the rest of 2022. I hope my story resonates with a few people, and I hope I convinced you to try other game genres. Discord: Twitter: Twitch: I’ve been playing video games for as long as I can remember. I vividly remember the first time I held a controller in my hands. The sheer size of the Duke was far too massive for me at the time, but it was all just background noise in my head compared to the cool sights and sounds of what is now my second favorite entry in my favorite franchise. Gambling during this period was unlimited. I had no idea about developer or hardware restrictions, limits on pre-generated NPC responses, or what in-game content to consume. Halo was an infinite universe to create and experience, Spyro had no limit to the amount of dragons I could save, damn it, I remember using an action replay in Pokemon Platinum, using the walking cheat through the walls and accidentally found shaymin at the end of this long flower path. At the start of 2021 it was time for me to upgrade, and after I managed to get into a best buy and stumble upon a 3090 that I wasn’t even looking to buy at the time, I knew that it was time to do everything. I managed to get a 5950x, the best motherboard I could buy at the time, and sick RAM, there were NO compromises on this system, other than the fans, I lacked silver. I built the computer, ran a few benchmarks, then didn’t play any games. At first I thought I was just unmotivated, or maybe even exhausted, but over time I realized that I didn’t like games anymore. I was afraid, afraid to spend all this money on a hobby that no longer interested me, afraid that the youtube channel I wanted to create was already dead in the water, afraid to give up a huge part of this that formed my online identity. I calmed down and took a step back. It makes sense that I’m starting to feel that way about gaming, doing anything pretty much every day for long enough would eventually become mundane and boring, what can I do to have fun playing games again . For a while I was stumped, but during my time I decided to take a break and work on my Ultrakill video, and while technically it was still gaming, it was mostly for work and I I could take the time to understand what I really wanted about my problem. What I found though was that while I was taking a break from most games, my desire to play them started to increase again. But once I managed to get into a game and started playing, my desire to continue playing it immediately fell away and I was out of it within 30 minutes. What I realized was that I had no variety in what I was playing. I would go to my computer and start the same FPS games, or just open Minecraft, which I’ve also been playing for years. I decided to take the time and find other genres of games I could play, and I’ve never been happier. I realized what I was going through overall wasn’t that I didn’t find games fun anymore, I just didn’t find FPS games that interesting. Throughout 2021 I decided to make the effort to branch out into different video games, and what I learned was that I still loved playing video games, I just needed with a breath of fresh air. I played games like Forza Horizon, Monster Hunter, Ghostrunner, I spent time on Spyro, replayed Sonic Generations, Sonic Unleashed, Cities Skylines, Dark Souls, Demon Souls, all these games made me enjoy just , playing games in general, and rekindled my love for the hobby. This culminated when Halo Infinite was released. For 6 years I waited for a follow up to Halo 5, watched every lore video I could find, scoured reddit posts and twitter threads that discussed what would happen in this game and I tried to follow the game as much as possible. I’ve talked a lot about Halo on my channel before, so keep my bias in mind, but this game gave me hope for new releases. Did I have any issues with Halo Infinite’s campaign, of course, but the gameplay quality kept me from noticing them as much as possible. .



  1. list of varied games i like for those with this problem:

    hollow knight – really good metroidvania
    factorio – amazing factory building sandbox game, but maybe avoid this one if you want to do anything else for the next 48 hours
    portal 2 – favorite game of all time, amazing puzzles
    metro exodus – if your pc can run it, it's really good
    pretty much any doom game – not the deepest of experiences, but very fun and difficult
    a hat in time – great mario-64 like with a surprising amount of content
    rimworld – colony building game, enough mods to make a second game
    stardew valley – only farming game I've ever enjoyed
    dishonored – great stealth/story fps, cool choices, second one if you like it enough
    prey (2017) – similar to dishonored, by the same people, but more of a spiritual successor to:
    bioshock – 1 and 2, recommend the originals rather than the remasters if you can get them to run on your computer. all time classic
    terraria – pretty well-known 2d sandbox game, lots of bossfights and another game with tons of mods
    enter the gungeon – funny top-down twinstick shooter roguelike. even if you don't know what some of those words mean, still great game
    outer wilds – not to be confused with the outer worlds. cannot recommend this enough. story driven roguelike. DO NOT SPOIL YOURSELF.
    valheim – terraria but 3d and viking themed. also really good.
    octodad: dadliest catch – hilarious rage-game. there is no reason this has such a low metacritic score, it's a great game.
    project zomboid – tough-as-nails zombie apocalypses survival game with permadeath.
    vessel – difficult indie 2d puzzle game. very thematic, might require some looking-up.
    control – cool 3rd person shooter with a bizarre story and cool brutalist architecture, if that's your thing. made by the people who made alan wake.
    dead space – all time classic, really scary if it's your first time playing. slightly less scary once you get a certain weapon.
    goat simulator – sadly somewhat short on content, but still entertaining to play around with for a while.
    slime rancher – ok maybe i lied about stardew valley. much more chill than some other games on this list.
    stanley parable – funny story-driven game about a guy in an office
    singularity – relatively little-known linear fps that still holds up today. also a little bit scary.
    spelunky – one of the few "rage games" i like. platformer roguelike
    the swapper – difficult 2d puzzle game with a dark story and some pretty cool graphics.
    deus ex: human revolution – good story driven semi-linear rpg fps game. not too groundbreaking, but still fun.
    dark souls series – reaaally hard if you don't know what you're doing, but you figure things out eventually. interesting story, mechanics, and really good combat.
    titanfall 2 – movement shooter to end all movement shooters. if you're having server problems, look into the northstar client- community hosted servers
    ultrakill – doom with a retro 3d style. nuff said.

    and that's it, I've gone through almost all the major games in my steam library. hope this helps

  2. Now a days I only really play horror games or just extremely random games as you can never expect what’s gonna happen next. Probably expect flash games, more preferably zombie ones. They never got old.

  3. I think the most depressing part for me is when I was younger I really wanted a gaming pc, because my laptop was really slow and couldn’t run my favourite games because they were too graphic demanding. In the end I managed to save up for the gaming pc of my dreams; I find it really sad because I can’t find the motivation to download any game let alone play it.

    I wish I could go back in time and give it to my younger self.

  4. I played World of Warcraft for over 10 years 12+ hours a Day but stopped and i even have Dragonflight Beta looked into it was like i guess i dont buy the expansion… im out… It probably is a good Expansion but the last years i played i just played because i had all the things wich gave me a feel of prestige i wasnt "happy" playing World of Warcraft i was doing chores…. and i tested diffrent games played alot of other stuff and hey some games are pretty "chill" to play i have to say i prefer multiplayer games and play with a set of friends. Im a Software Developer and so i was also doing Arma 3 Modding for Roleplay now looked into GTA V Scripting but i think its quiet limited and think about picking up a Engine since i also found my fun in "Making" Games instead of playing. That way one day i might be able to do my dreamgame who knows…
    Maybe try something new if your favorite games arent tickle your brain anymore… i myself must say that often times Indigames look way more interesting then the big players. Try Valheim sure its not AAA graphics but hey …. Try something like The Long Dark if ur into survival … get Epic Games launcher they give u 1-3 games for free amonth i found myself playing a interesting game i would have never bought but hey its free and i just fired it up even tho it was "just" a 2D game point and click adventure… If you are playing a game right now just because your "good" at it or because ur familiar…. see it as a challenge to become good in other games … sometimes we tend to dislike games when we hit a skill wall… but trust me just try to overcome it… me and my friends felt the same in Escape from Tarkov … if u start and have nobody telling you how to play the game …you get your teeth kicked in… but if u get used to how the game runs you can become a very dangerous predator

  5. I'm just glad I got to experience the golden age of online gaming, Halo 2 – 3 – Reach, CoD 4, MW2. GTA 4, Left 4 Dead, early Minecraft. Those online experiences were some of the best times I had and I don't regret them one bit.

  6. Lately for me its I dont enjoy playing games as much as I like watching gameplay. Ill watch streamers and YouTube vids and then get the desire to boot said games theyre playing. Only to get extreme disinterested as soon as I hop on. What I find strange is I love the games themselves and ill seek out gameplay so why is it when Im playing myself it feels empty? Its really disheartening tbh. Maybe im just weird lol.

  7. Great games are still great but there's less of them. 15 years ago we'd get stuff like Morrowind or KotOR 2 every few years but now it's more rare. Some modern classics still appear like Elden Ring and X4: Foundations

  8. I just want games to be fun again. It's largely why I've gone back to Nintendo. For me, there's more fun there than the newest always online COD MOBA Grand Theft Dark Souls Battle Royale being churned out.
    Sure, indie devs have released some pretty good content, but I'm more likely to go back and play Stardew Valley than I am Valheim. IDK. Could be too I'm getting old, and I don't have the same amount of time to sink into games (especially with a newborn).

  9. I know some of you will laugh at me, but Roblox is a perfect example for this video.
    In the past, it was an: amazing and top game, fun to play, mostly free-to-play.
    but now: layered clothing, suck moderation, pervert players, bad updates, bad events, commercialized game


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