WARNING: 1 Week Until Wii U & 3DS eShops Die! Here's 10 Games You Should Buy Before They Disappear!


The Wii U and 3DS eShops go down in ONE WEEK! So before they do, we put together a list of 10+ games you NEED to get before they may be gone for good!
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Video by: Tris Valbuena (They/Them)
Thumbnail by: Mason Conrad – https://twitter.com/MasNConrad
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  1. Most of these videos are stuck on AAA titles, but there is a lesser know series that I fell in love with is Silver Falls. These games expand 3DS,Wii U, and Switch. With only a solo developer making these games was incredible before the end and each game is a different play style worth getting them. Also the series is continuing on the Switch.

  2. Really big thank you for mentioning the ace attorney games in this video. I bought the trilogy and games 5 & 6 years ago on sale and never got round to playing more after finishing the trilogy. On my list of series to go back to and this video made me realise I don’t own game 4 which is a NIGHTMARE to get hold of a physical copy of here. Picked it up digitally just in time ????

  3. Fortunately I already had a lot of the stuff that shows up in these lists, but I dropped a hundo and grabbed a few things I’d been wanting, like all the Ace games, Resident Evil, and a bunch of indies.. but anything VC I’m skipping because I can easily emulate all that stuff.. and skipping big Nintendo games I don’t already own because ???? them for not having a fire sale. Capcom just got some respect back from me for setting a ton of their games to $2-3. Other than that grabbing all free demos and game updates on both Wii U and 3DS. Also waiting on a usb splitter so I can download the rest of the XBCX packs to an external. I only have the basic one and not enough room left on the ol’ U.

  4. I tried telling Nintendo on Twitter to lower the prices I did try my best that's the thought that counts if you miss out that's a you problem ???? but hey I bought some great games I shouldn't be too sad????

  5. Games you must play:
    – Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX
    – Fantasy Life
    – Ever Oasis
    – Legend of Dark Witch
    – Denpamen
    – Gurumin 3D
    – Groove Heaven
    – Parascientific Escape

  6. It's a shame that nintendo themselves never made a sale for these consoles on their last legs yet some third party developers including Capcom are. That really is a bad choice because Nintendo will never have to make them on sale again yet they couldn't even give us that… Yet they remember Mario day and don't at least give us a sale on mario games on them like they have for the switch.

  7. I know it's too expensive to really concieve getting but even after the eshop closes Fire Emblem Fates revelations will still be playable you just have to find the special edition cartridge that holds the code but like I said $300-$500 is a bit much for one game

  8. Alright alright, let's not lie to people. None of these games are "disappearing" forever; if it's been online, then it will always be available. The WiiU and 3DS are two of the easiest systems to softmod nowadays, with just an SD card (or micro SD card), and you can play any of these games easy peasy. If the stores are closing, then that just gives people free reign over these games.


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