We Were Sent 3 Valuable DS Games By an Incredibly Generous Fan


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  1. I’ve had my family van broken into as a child, then living in my first apartment . I woke up to people trying to kick my door down at 2 am.
    I cannot sleep at peoples houses anymore man. I think I have PTSD. I’ve also had my car stolen. So my trust is so broken. I understand the feeling of being paranoid whenever you hear a sound. I patrol, every night I hear an out of place noise, watch out the windows and am generally paranoid

  2. Wow this just happened to me too! Meth heads broke into my parents house and stole ALL of my videogames from NES to gamecube/xbox era. Only thing they didnt get was my DS games since i happened to have that with me! When I found out it sorta set off this thing in me and ive slowly been buying back all the games I lost on more updated consoles when possible.

  3. We game collectors are forever indebted to the generosity of many. I owe a good chunk of my SNES collection including the console itself to an old friend who let me borrow it then just let me have it. He refused payment. I even gave his girlfriend an envelope with a ton of cash to pass off to him and he refused that so she returned it unopened. Some people just are amazing

  4. Shane is truly a kind soul. I'm glad he reached out to you and provided you with these games that may have been snatched by a scalper. I had a childhood friend who had his house robbed too and he lost his Playstation 2 and all his PS2 and PS1 games. So, my father and I went to his house and just gave him our extra Nintendo 64 system with some games and we had a blast playing them together.

  5. Alex and Jon have to be my favorite reviewers/voices to watch and listen to, and the fact that their handheld guys gives them soo much respect in my book! I may not agree with all of their stuff but 90% of the time they're spot on. Keep up the good work boys, you deserve this.

  6. Dude I had my house broken into when I was around 13-14 too. They stole my Wii, ps3 and all the games, add ons and controllers stolen. They also broke the back door to my house which we had to pay to be replaced.
    We knew exactly who did it too. (Neighbours told us) and they only got off with a slap on the wrist. Also they sold most of my stuff to CEX. They were seen on camera, and CEX refused to give me my stuff back. I don’t trust CEX now and have never been back to one of their stores, knowing they keep stolen goods.

  7. honestly, I feel the best thing you could do for Shane as thanks is to link a gofundme or paypal or whatever for people to donate to help out with his housefire aftermath. The guy really didn't have to do all this with what he's gone through at this really unfortunate time

  8. It's that dang Zedon we all can't stand. Kidding Zedon, I never owned any portable Nintendo systems besides the OG Game Boy. Not a portable gamer myself and hoping that the next Switch lineup includes a console and Pro Controller bundle option.

  9. Oh man I can relate to the buying games and selling games ,I didn't much about it as a kid but now I realize we were getting scammed.also my house got broken into and all they stole were my video game collection I had going


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