WHAT ARE THE BEST SWITCH GAMES | Last of the Nintendogs 008


It’s time to make a podcast on Nintendo. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jeffgrubb Discord: https://discord.gg/gamemess https://gamesbeat.com 00:00 – MIKE CHECK 18:51 – START 27:10 – NEWS 47:50 – QUESTIONS 1:00:30 – BEST SWITCH GAMES 1:23:14 – STOP.



  1. Let’s leave Odyssey, BotW, MK8D, and Animal Crossing in their own stratosphere.

    The best games I’ve played over these not very long 4+ years have been:

    *Monster Hunter Rise
    *Astral Chain
    *Fire Emblem Three Houses
    *Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
    *Splatoon 2
    *Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
    *Monster Hunter Stories 2
    *Pokemon Sword
    *Resident Evil Revelations
    *No More Heroes

    Just to name a few.

  2. Woof Woof.

    Upon entering video I immediately thumbs up ?.

    There's no need to wait for it.

    I know I'm in for a fun and intelligent show based on my favorite hobby of all time.

    My name is Godzilla Gorilla, and I AM A NINTENDOG ?

  3. Super Mario Odyssey is the worst of the 3D Mario games. The platforming is meh, the graphical style is meh, and the level design is meh. I stopped playing about halfway through because i just lost interest, and there are only 2 levels that i can even remember. And the realistic humans/dragons/dinosaurs/etc are just weird looking in a Mario game, and kind of illusion breaking. I'm baffled as to how anyone can think it's better than the Galaxy games or 64, or even Sunshine. I mean, it's ok, it's just kinda boring.


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