What EVERY realistic game gets WRONG


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  1. If they want a death to look realistic they should add that tendon reflex, when a body sort of contracts on itself after death. Also, after shooting an enemy and fatally wounding him, there should be a death animation when he's feebly trying to cover himself as he gets shot again. That would truly be horrible.

  2. So I had a friend who was shot with a 9 mm there was an exceptionally large on the other side where they were shot they told me they were holding their intestines trying to prevent them from falling out so the statement isn’t untrue

  3. For me it's not only the lack of blood and organs, but its the recoil of the guns themselves, games emphasize these buff, tough soldiers who yet somehow cant hold a gun steady for the life of them. It's rather annoying how they portray a soldier being basically weak

  4. It's a balancing reason. If you've ever used a shotgun you would know that they basically kick ass irl. I went skeet shooting a few weeks ago and if you can shoot clay pigeons from a far distance, gamers would be mad at the range that actual shotguns are capable of.


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