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where to buy Microsoft's new console • Eurogamer.net

The Xbox Series S is back in stock at a number of stores.

Xbox Series X inventory is getting easier to find as we go through the year. That said, we haven’t seen much in the way of Xbox Series X consoles in quite some time now. Hopefully that will change as we move into May. Fortunately, however, the Xbox Series S is still on sale in a number of stores. Essentially, with more Xbox Series X / S stock drops expected in the coming weeks, you have a good chance of getting a console very soon.

Keep checking the retailers listed on this page as we’ll do our best to keep it up to date with all the latest Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S inventory information. You may also follow Jelly Deals on Twitter for regular stock updates.

Latest: The Xbox Series X is currently out of stock everywhere after a small bundle arrived at Game at the end of the month. This could mean that more consoles will be available soon. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S is available at a few retailers around the world. This includes the Microsoft Store, Very, Amazon, and more. Fortunately, the availability of both consoles appears to be improving dramatically. Keep your eyes on the list of retailers below for the latest stock updates for the Xbox Series X and S.

If other retailers receive Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S consoles, we’ll add them to the page for the foreseeable future. We’ll also make sure to add any next-gen Xbox bundles where applicable. It seems unlikely at this point, however. Unsurprisingly, with all the excitement surrounding the latest consoles, there weren’t many Xbox Black Friday Deals this year. However, some stores temporarily restocked both consoles during the sales event.

Xbox Series X / S consoles

An Xbox Series X costs £ 449 / $ 499 – which includes the Xbox Series X console and the new Xbox Wireless Controller. Other than all cables and maybe a free trial for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, no other extras will be included. Here is the Digital foundry review if you want to see how the console works.

If you want to go for an Xbox Series S instead, it’ll set you back £ 249 / $ 299. Keep in mind, however, that this is the less powerful version of the next-gen console. It will still comfortably run all future Xbox games, but it won’t run natively in 4K, doesn’t include a disk drive, and has a smaller 512GB NVMe SSD. However, you will get support for 1440p at 120 FPS and 4K upscaling, along with the same ray tracing and variable refresh rate features as the X series.

If you’re willing to sacrifice those extra features, you save a massive amount of console tweaking. It’s definitely worth it if you’re not gaming on a 4K TV or if you’re not too concerned about all the extra performance benefits. For more help on making this decision, see our guide to differences between Xbox Series X and S.


In Europe:

In the USA:

In Canada:

Xbox Unlimited Access:

The full list of countries and retailers eligible for Xbox All Access:

Australia to Telstra Canada at EB Games Denmark at Elgiganten Finland at Gigantti France at FNAC New Zealand at Spark Norway at Elkjøp Poland at Media Expert South Korea at SK Telecom Sweden at Elgiganten UK at GAME and Smyths Toys United States at Best Buy, GameStop, Target , Microsoft Store and Walmart

Both consoles are also available for purchase for a monthly fee through the Xbox All Access finance program. This package includes the Xbox console of your choice and 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Retailers offering this payment plan are listed below if you would prefer to buy this way, although it turned out to be a nightmare to register during the pre-order period. Still, it’s not a bad idea if you’re comfortable committing to monthly payments for two years, as you can make a small savings on your purchase according to our calculations.

With Xbox All Access, you can pay £ 29 / $ 35 per month for an Xbox Series X or £ 21 / $ 25 per month for the Xbox Series S. This also includes two years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, giving you quite a Xbox games library to play right away and access online multiplayer. Not a bad deal!

Obviously, purchasing through the Xbox All Access finance program requires approval from one of Microsoft’s partners and comes at its own risk if you are unable to keep up with repayments, so assess your financial situation before you go. to hire. We crunched the numbers and since it offers a small saving in most cases, if it fits, it could help spread the cost of a new console considerably.

Xbox All Access is available at the following retailers:

Xbox Series X / S Accessories

Along with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, a range of new accessories compatible with both consoles are also available for purchase.

There’s nothing too big here that you should desperately need from day one, but if you want to add an extra controller or grab one of the storage expansion cards, you can do that here.

When it comes to extra storage, for example, the Xbox Series X console’s 1TB internal SSD should keep you going for a while. The Xbox Series S has a smaller 512GB SSD, however, so there’s a greater risk of filling it up first.

For those of you who are bringing your library of backward compatible Xbox 360 and Xbox One games, we suggest purchasing a more affordable external hard drive that will give you a lot more room for your money at the moment.


In Europe:

In the USA:

Storage expansion card for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series SXbox Series X / S Games

Finally, the games. What exactly are we going to play on our Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S once they’re in our hands? Well, it sure won’t be Halo Infinite anymore. The 343 Industries shooter and Microsoft’s Big Business Card was supposed to be the console’s main launch title, but it was recently postponed to 2021. Other proprietary versions – such as Fable, State of Decay 3, and Forza – also won’t make the launch window.

So what does that leave us, then? Um, well, not a lot of new games to start with. Of course, you can play the various upgraded versions of previous versions of Xbox One, but most of them will be free if you’ve purchased the current version. You also have the hundred games to work on Xbox Game Pass. With little else to do, we’ve put some of the biggest Xbox Series X releases announced to date below for you to check out or pre-order. You can also expect all the others Xbox Series X games announced so far.


In the USA:

Screenshot of Halo's Master Chief

Need more information about the new Xbox consoles? Good news! We’ve got plenty of in-depth guides on various aspects of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. These smart clogs from Digital Foundry got stuck in every fine detail in their look at the Xbox Series X Specifications to get an idea of ​​the power of the console. For more information on the new technology, you can consult our guides to the new xbox controller and the Xbox Series X console design.

Do you think you’ll hold more stock and buy an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, then? You may be expecting more PS5 action instead, but it seems just as difficult to grasp at the moment. However, there are also some before the end of the year! Keep your eyes on this page for all the latest news.

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