Where to Start: Nintendo DS


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  1. Hi, Is there any chance you could do a video actually showing "where to start" as in what comes in the pack and what you need to get to do more, I found a brain training starter pack amongst my dads things (he had dementia) I am trying to see how it works and if anything is missing as when I turn it on it says no game pack, so I look in the box and see a case with 2 empty sections, 1 is for the brain training game which is in the machine but the other longer space I don't know what should be in it or what it would be called to look to buy, I try pressing download and it just twirls for ages until I eventually turn it off and give up for another day, so any actual proper explanation would be very helpful

  2. My best friend gave me a ds in pretty good condition with new super mario bros ds. But when I wanna save in the game it doesnt show me the save option. Any help in this?

  3. The DS was my childhood. My favourite games, in order of nostalgia.
    1. Animal Crossing: Wild World
    2. Super Mario 64 DS
    3. Mario Kart DS
    4. Brain Training
    5. New Super Mario Bros.
    6. Nintendogs
    7. Zelda Spirit Tracks
    8. Sonic Rush
    9. Mario and Luigi Partners in Time

  4. I remember turning on my DS lite for the first time in over 5 years and by some miricle it had enough charge to turn on and run for 5 minutes. Great batteries

  5. For Pokemon fans:
    >buy Emerald, HGSS, and the DS Lite
    >Beat Emerald, get at least one legendary and get to the Battle Tower
    >clone all your legendaries and a Tower-eligible mon required to do so
    >Beat HGSS and get to the Pal Park
    >transfer all your Emerald clones to Pal Park
    >transfer further to Gen 6 and up
    >upload your legendaries to GTS and request for allowable mons you dont have
    >congratulations, youve caught them all.

  6. Btw the 3ds is free and easy to hack! And watch out with r4 cards, some have a timebomb or it doesn't work.

    I recommend the R4 3DS PLUS because is has no timebomb and it comes with Ntrboot pre-installed.

  7. The DS lite is more glossy and I’d say the DSi goes for a matte finish. Incase you don’t wanna buy a card for ROM hacks you could use a random SD card on your DSi which can be convenient. But the DS lite is backwards compatible with the game boy but then again homebrew could let you get different gameboy games in the DSi.

  8. Some other games I'd recommend on the DS for sure;
    Mario and Luigi: Partners in time which is a prequel to Bowser's inside story. A lot of people don't like it but I love it.
    Nintendogs is a surprisingly very fun game! I love looking after dogs even if it's virtual.
    Zelda: Spirit Tracks is a game you should definitely try, especially if you liked Phantom Hourglass (I loved both)
    The Legend of Spyro: a new beginning was a very interesting game I remember from my childhood which I unfortunately have never finished as I lost the cartridge. I would definitely recommend.

    There are so many other games but I wanted to point out less popular/more forgotten about games


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