Which New Super Mario Is The Best?


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  1. the original NSMB and NSMBU are the top games in the subseries…

    that being said they were all relatively lazy games considering what other platformers were doing with their gameplay and graphics at the time.. Rayman platformers and DK Country were objectively more “inspired”

  2. I haven't played one since ds so I've been playinh Deluxe and just lile reminiscing in the vibes. Its a good time. Also Toadette/Peachette is awesome and I'll always dig seeing the koopalings rather than just have them be awol for almost 20 years and only have just Jr be around. *shudder*. But yeah, i can understand someone who played through all of these getting tired as they released.

  3. I think the maps in Wii are a bit too empty, like they were trying to accomodate for the multiplayer but went way too far with it, U has better layouts.

  4. my favorite is definitely nsmb Wii. I appreciate that like, objectively it didn't do anything crazy but that game is legitimately peak nostalgia for me. it was one of the first games I played as a little kid and I'd play with my sister and sometimes some friends of ours and it was a blast

  5. while the newer games are easier I feel part of that is our years of experience making it easier. Same for Pokémon and Zelda Where as Mega Man gets harder and too hard is also not good.

    IDK 2 player vs sort of came back. That crown in 3D world is sort of the same thing

    the name of the series is confusing like "New" could be the series or it could mean a game that's not old

    the fake walls, enemies and fire balls can go threw them so some times it gets give away once you know about it you do tend to hug the walls.

    I would like to see you do 3D World and some of the other games , captain toad, and hear what you think of adding Toadette to the remake

  6. I think NSMB.Wii being very similar to DS was forgivable cause as a kid I thought that was the point, it was New Super Mario Bros… ON the Wii, and a few short years later with NSMB.2 being announced, I thought that confirmed that Wii was just simply a reimagining of DS. But man was I wrong, NSMB.2 was even MORE derivative of NSMB. Wii, much more than Wii was similar to DS. I think that’s when the series went wrong imo


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