Which Pokemon Versions Should You Pick?


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My guide to deciding between Pokemon versions (Gens 1-4) based on which has the better Pokemon!
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  1. Man, Those Pokemon plush in the background are sick, I'm even a little jealous. Fun fact, I actually got that exact same Genesect plush that you have in your background here for getting Principles list 3 times in 4th grade!

  2. Huh…If you count Gold and Pearl as shades of red (which they kind of are, being orangey and pink) and Diamond as blue (because it is), the victories between versions alternate from blues to reds every pair.
    1- Blue
    2- Gold
    3- Saphire
    4 – Fire Red
    5- Diamond
    6- Heart Gold

  3. One other advantage LeafGreen has over FireRed is when it comes to getting Porygon at the Celadon Game Corner. Porygon costs 9999 coins in FireRed as opposed to only 6500 in LeafGreen. The levels and prices for the other Pokemon are a bit of a toss up when comparing the two games.

    – Abra (Level 9, 180 Coins)
    – Clefairy (Level 8, 500 Coins)
    – Dratini (Level 18, 2800 Coins)
    – Scyther (Level 25, 5500 Coins)
    – Porygon (Level 26, 9999 Coins)

    – Abra (Level 7, 120 Coins)
    – Clefairy (Level 12, 750 Coins)
    – Pinsir (Level 18, 2500 Coins)
    – Dratini (Level 24, 4600 Coins)
    – Porygon (Level 18, 6500 Coins)

    Of course, most of these Pokemon can be found elsewhere, but the Game Corner does provide a good option to alleviate some of the hard aspects about catching them elsewhere (such as rare encounter rates, fleeing, and low catch rates). But LeafGreen definitely gets the win when it comes to Porygon, simply because it cannot be received elsewhere and it's a lot cheaper in LeafGreen.

  4. I recently did a Nuzlocke of Leaf Green and ended up soloing the entire Elite Four with only a Starmie Ev trained in Special Attack and Speed. Definitely the better one between it and Cloyster lol

  5. As baseline as it is I simply choose based off the name/color/vibes typically associated not even the legendary or Pokémon in the game like for sun and moon I just felt the vibes and moon was cuntier and purple so slay

  6. Tbh, Starmie and Slowbro are such good pokemon that I think Leafgreen is the better version. It doesn't even matter that they have the same typing because their movepool is very different.

  7. I don't know if this was a common phenomenon but when I grew up, it almost seemed like the games were gendered. All the boys had Fire Red, Ruby, and Diamond, all the girls had Leaf Green, Sapphire, and Pearl. Except me, who had both but prioritized the "girl" games because it was easier to fill out my Pokedex that way.

  8. As someone who played sapphire, Lombre was very useful but by the time I got dive so I had the water stone to evolve it I already had a Tropius because a middle evo Lombre is worse than a Tropius and it was under leveled when I got the water stone

  9. I remember I got gold and silver for Xmas, one from my aunt and other from my parents, and they made me give one away to my cousin who what’s crying bc I got both. I asked him which one he wanted and gave him the other one in spite lol. I was like 6 or 7 so don’t come at me

  10. About gen 1. You mentioned the auto crit moves with Persian, but didn't with Victreebel. Basically any pokemon gets auto crit from high crit moves. Even Ivysaur gets the auto crit. This also applies to Sandslash

  11. I really wish pokémon would stop doing 2 versions. Its very obviously just a scam to get more money and it would be so much better for people who don't have people to trade with. But I don't think they'll ever stop since it's been a thing since the beginning


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