Who has won the Fortnite WorldCup duos 2019?

fortnite wm
fortnite wm

The fortnite WorldCup duos took place on the 27th of July. Today the fans want to know who won and how they made it.

That was played: The Fortnite WorldCup ist taking place over three days and yesterday was the duos competition. Six games were played with 100 player each, that means 50 duos, in Fortnite Battle Royale.

fortnite wm points
fortnite wm points

The points were given for kills and placings – so one victory royale counted like 10 kills.

Did favorites win the WorldCup?

They won the WorldCup:

The fortnite WorldCup 2019 was won by Emil „Nyhrox“ Berguist Pedersen from Norway

and his mate David „Aqua“ W. From Austria – they won with 51 points the WorldCup title.

They are both signed by „Cooler Esport´s.“

fortnite wm winners
fortnite wm winners

They won the cup and 3 million US-dollar

Were they also favorites?

No, nobody thought that this European duo could win the WorldCup. They were only known in Germany and estimated around the 15 place.

Favorites were player like:

  • Tschinken and Stompy (only place 26)
  • benjyfishy and MrSavageM (place 14)
  • Mongraal and Mitro (place 6)
  • Mega and Dubbs (place 7)
  • Saf and Zayt (place 4)

USA started strong – Europe struck back

fortnite wm pokal
fortnite wm pokal

How did they win?

The first rounds were won by some of the known North American top-teams. The first victory was taken by Zayt (NRG Esports) and Saf (Ghost Gaming), who were favorites.

The second match was dominated by Vinny and his mate Zexrow from the team Solo Mid.

After the first three matches the American teams consisting of Saf/Zayt, Megga/Dubs and Zexrow/Vinny were at the top.

The world champion-duo from Cooler Esports stricked back in game 4 and won the game after they threw 3 games. Powerd by the previous victory they kept high ground for the second time and they were able to secure the second victory royale in a row.

Before the last game, they were only 3 points behind Zayt and Saf who were still on the first place. In the chaotic last game, many duos lost one mate so they had to play solo and another Cooler Esports duo won the last game.

Because many of the favorites and especially Saf and Zayt died early, Aqua and nyhrox were able to secure the Fortnite world champion title and 3 million US-dollar.

fortnite wm standings
fortnite wm standings

Watch the full tournament here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/458722313


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