Who has won the Fortnite WorldCup solos 2019?


The Fortnite WorldCup highlight took place on the 28th of July: the solos in New York. 100 Fortnite pro-player player for a giant prizepool. Today the fans want to know who won and how they made it.

That was played: The Fortnite WorldCup ist taking place over three days and yesterday was the solos competition. Six games were played with 100 of the best player in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Fortnite wm points

The points were given for kills and placings – so one victory royale counted like 10 kills.

A 16 years old teenager from the USA wins the fortnite WorldCup in solos

This is the winner: The 16 years old Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf from the USA is the happy winner of the Fortnite WorlCup solos.

Fortnite WorldCup winner solo

Bugha dominated the tournament since the first match. He showed his skills with a first victory royale and 9 eliminations which brought him on the top of the leaderboard.

Bugha was since the first game at the top of the leaderboard. He survived long and secured himself every match eliminations and placing points. That is how he made in the following 5 games constantly points and how he got  59 points at the end. Before the final match, Bugha was uncatchable on the first place. He also performed well in the last game in which he got 5 kills and secured a top 5 placing. In the last game, Bugha was already smiling because he knew he had won. It wasn’t really exciting at the top of the leaderboard. In the end, Bugha achieved with 59 points almost the double of “psalm”s points who had 33 and secured the second place. “King” who is also placed in the top 5 is coming from Argentina and achieved almost all his points through kills.

What happened with Germany?

Germany was one of the best esport countrys when it belongs to Fortnite. 8 players from the WorldCup came from Germany but where did they place? None of them was into the top 30. The best german player were “fwexY” on place 31, “LeTsHe” on place 32 and “Issa” on place 37.


What happened with the favorites?

“Stompy” who was a big international favorite had a bad day and secured only the 14 place. He would have been a big competitor for Bugha who won the WorldCup with ease but stompy had some problems with his hand because of an accident. His countryman “Aqua” who won the WorldCup duos the day before got on place 94 with only one elimination.  After he threw the first games star-streamer “Tfue” got at least at the last games some eliminations and secured place 67.


What did the pros get?

“Bugha” can be happy with prize money of 3 million $. The fourth place is a milliner too because the prize money was for the fourth place still over one million dollars. Fortnite has now the biggest prize money in the hole esports history with 100 million dollars for the first esport-year and over 30 million for the WorldCup.

Watch full tournament here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/459174371

Top  Fortnite earnings ranking


Player ID Player Name Total (Fortnite) Total (Overall) % of Total
1. United States Bugha Kyle Giersdorf $3,025,900.00 | $3,025,900.00 100.00%
2. United States psalm Harrison Chang $1,865,800.00 | $1,946,461.20 95.86%
3. Austria Aquav2 David W $1,568,667.56 | $1,568,667.56 100.00%
4. Norway Nyhrox Emil Bergquist Pedersen $1,512,536.49 | $1,512,536.49 100.00%
5. United States EpikWhale Shane – $1,264,950.00 | $1,264,950.00 100.00%
6. Hong Kong Kreo Nate Kou $1,167,550.00 | $1,167,550.00 100.00%
7. Netherlands Rojo Dave Jong $1,167,500.00 | $1,167,500.00 100.00%
8. United Kingdom Wolfiez Jaden Ashman $1,136,800.00 | $1,136,800.00 100.00%
9. United States Ceice Davis McClellan $1,057,500.00 | $1,057,500.00 100.00%
10. Canada Zayt Williams Aubin $1,044,750.00 | $1,044,750.00 100.00%
11. United States Saf Rocco Morales $994,975.00 | $994,975.00 100.00%
12. Argentina kinG Thiago Lapp $973,900.00 | $973,900.00 100.00%
13. Canada Elevate Thomas Krueger $943,700.00 | $943,700.00 100.00%
14. France Skite Clément Danglot $787,026.01 | $787,026.01 100.00%
15. Sweden Crue Theo Ferrer $667,500.00 | $667,500.00 100.00%
16. United States Bizzle Timothy Miller $568,250.00 | $568,250.00 100.00%
17. United States Tfue Turner Tenney $555,900.00 | $575,350.00 96.62%
18. United States Arkhram – – $530,650.00 | $530,650.00 100.00%
19. Netherlands Mitr0 Dmitri Van de Vrie $522,249.81 | $522,249.81 100.00%
20. United States Falconer Brendan Falconer $472,600.00 | $472,600.00 100.00%



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