Who is Powder in League of Legends?

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Riot Games’ award-winning animated series, Esotericis built from the studio’s popular game universe, League of Legends. Set in the world of League of Legends, events are centered around a town called Piltover, the so-called “City of Progress”. League of Legends fans will see some familiar faces in the series, especially the series’ main characters: Violet and Powder.

The history of powder in Arcane

Arcane follows the story of Vi and Powder; they are sisters who live in Piltover’s Undercity, a part of town teeming with crime and poverty. They lost their parents in a fight between the Revolutionaries of Undercity and the Enforcers of Piltover at a young age. In the aftermath of the battle, Vi and Powder were taken in by Vander, a leading figure in the ensuing revolution.

The sisters, along with two other orphans, lived under the care of Vander, Mylo, and Claggor. They sometimes performed small tasks assigned by Vander. Life was going well, until it got worse when a raid in Piltover went wrong. The orphans caused an uproar where they shouldn’t be, leading to them being hunted down by Piltover law enforcement.

Silco, Vander’s former close friend and fellow revolutionary, works behind the scenes in an attempt to wrest control of the Undercity from Vander. He gets wind of the turmoil and sees it as a perfect opportunity to put his plans into action. Silco reveals the children’s identities to a Piltover enforcer, which ultimately forces Vander to surrender to them to protect his adopted children.

However, Silco has more sinister plans. He and his followers attacked the Piltover enforcers as they arrested Vander, leaving only the enforcer he bargained with alive. Silco captures Vander and brings him to his headquarters in hopes of convincing him to join his cause. When Vander refuses, Silco concocts a plan to use the orphans to coerce Vander. He stalks the unsuspecting children planning to rescue Vander.

Silco’s plan comes to fruition when Violet and the other children come to pick up Vander. They attempt to save him but are instead trapped by Silco and his followers. They fight their way through them, but just as they are about to escape, a Powder-triggered bomb explodes, destroying the building and resulting in the deaths of Mylo and Claggor. Vander sacrifices himself to buy Vi time to escape.

Vi finds Powder and, in a fit of rage, abandons her. Powder is traumatized by her actions and her sister’s abandonment. She is eventually found by Silco, who sympathizes with her and takes her in.

An unwanted meeting

Years pass and Undercity is now under the control of Silco. Powder has now grown up and works for Silco as his adopted daughter. She sometimes causes trouble in Piltover, going on a mission for Silco.

One day, she is found by Vi and her friend from Piltover, Caitlyn. This reunion brings up the traumatic memories of her past, making her emotionally unstable. Their reunion is interrupted when a group, the Firelights, attacks and captures Vi and Caitlyn.

Powder’s trauma and frustration piled up when she saw her sister with Caitlyn. She eventually releases the tension by causing a stir in Piltover, which results in the deaths of a few Piltover enforcers. A search is underway, and Piltover law enforcement invades the Undercity to search for the perpetrator; however, Silco developed an affection for Powder and refused to give it up.

Ekko, the leader of the Firelights, confronted Powder. But as he beat her, Powder set off a bomb that caused severe damage to both of them. Silco, not wanting to lose Powder, brought her to a scientist he knew. To save Powder, the scientist treated her with experimental chemicals. Powder managed to survive, but his mental instability grew.

How Powder Becomes Jinx

Later in the story, Powder overhears Silco’s plans to give him up in exchange for Undercity’s independence, which further triggers his mental issues. Powder kidnapped him, Vi, and Caitlyn and brought them to a makeshift tea party with two chairs for herself, Powder, and Jinx. The atmosphere was intense as Powder’s madness was evident. She eventually killed Silco, who told her in his last words that he would never give up Powder.

Vi begged Powder to run away with her and stop her actions. Much to her surprise, Powder refused and sat down in the chair labeled “Jinx”, reaffirming her new identity. The Powder that Vi knew as a child no longer exists. This is where Jinx’s story begins.

League of Legends: After the release of Jinx

The events of Arcane are said to take place before the current timeline of the League of Legends universe. Familiar arcane characters from League of Legends are Vi, Caitlyn, Ekko, and Powder.

Like the events of Arcane’s End, there is no longer any Gunpowder in League of Legends; she is now Jinx. She is portrayed as a mentally unstable girl who enjoys destroying everything. Additionally, she has gadgets seen in the animated series, such as her hand grenades and minigun.

Jinx Abilities

Jinx is a sniper champion who devastates enemies from a distance. Through her passive and other abilities, she has strong kiting skills that can slow enemies down or root them in place. Her passive ability, Get Excited!, gives her significant movement speed and attack speed whenever she kills or helps kill an enemy.

Meanwhile, Zap fires a projectile that damages and slows the first enemy it hits. Jinx’s E ability, Flame Chompers, appears in Arcane in her fight with Ekko. In League of Legends, the ability allows Jinx to drop three grenades on the ground, damaging and rooting enemies if they step on them.

Jinx likes his guns, Pow-pow and Fishbones. Her Q ability, Switcheroo, switches her between the two weapons. While using Pow-pow, the minigun grants him attack speed on his attacks, which stacks up to three times. Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher, gives Jinx extra attack range and splashes his attacks on nearby enemies.

Her ultimate ability, Super Mega Death Rocket, fires a large rocket that builds power as it moves. Jinx can throw it to any point on the map, making it a powerful killing tool.

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