Why GUNPLAY is Important in Shooter Games in less than 12 minutes.


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  1. Dunno if anybody here remembers this, but the SOCOM series of games had phenomenal gunplay.
    Even though it was a third person shooter the feel of the guns was just so good. Their audio was great, and your shots felt like they mattered, like every single gunfight could depend on that one bullet.
    Whether you were sneaking up on a player, about to 1 tap him in the head with a suppressed .45 handgun, literally knocking someone on their ass with a shotgun, dumping a magazine with a P90, or trying to take off an enemies helmet with a bolt action rifle,, it all just felt so good.
    The ballistics worked, the bullet drop worked, the damage profiles of each gun were perfect. Every single gun in the game was a viable option if a player knew how to use it.
    SOCOM 2 – 3 – Combined Assault and Confrontation, some of the best shooters ever made.

  2. DREWSKI I REQUIRE YOUR ATTENTION FOR A MOMENT!!! Have you ever placked the PS2 game titled "Black"? it is still fun to play to this day because of how well they made the gunplay. I feel like it was ahead of it's time because it was a little too realistically violent for when it came out. I think Tarkov has the closest gunplay to Black's gunplay that I've ever seen. It would honestly make sense if they took inspiration from Black. If you want to see a really epic example of gunplay in a game then check it out. It was sooooo ahead of it's time and then they didn't make another one, and no other game, until recently, ever made anything close to it.

  3. 2 things that break shooter games, overpowered jumping, and broken gunplay. Call of duty jumping is so OP, all that anyone does is slide/jump cancel. They marketed their game as tactical and it turned out to be too arcade.

  4. we need to get a mix of tarkov and squad, like tarkov gunplay in squad and maybe a game mode like tarkov but you can respawn without worrying about loot, maybe somewhat of a make your own loadout kind of like in the newer MW so we can upgrade equipment as we progress, to make it fair new players will play till they can get more ideal weapons and play with everybody else

  5. One important thing that I want games in the future to do is gun comfortability/mastery. Over time with guns, the recoil lessens as you become more familiar, you reload faster and ads faster. I think itd be a cool mechanic that people could get used to and enjoy


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