Why I bought a Switch OLED in 2023


I bought the switch OLED in 2023 to play Legend of Zelda – Tears Of the Kingdom…but there are some other reasons too ????

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0:00 The REAL reason I got a switch
0:32 Great used market
1:43 Switch 2 won’t be here soon
3:44 The screen iS SICK
4:13 The KING of local multiplayer
5:42 Joy con pros and cons
7:05 Zelda
7:43 Why not emulate on Steam Deck?
9:20 A console for the GF
10:30 Conclusion

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  1. I bought one just to play zelda breath of the wild back in 2020 since i loved it so much on my wiiU in 2017, but now I love all the Nintendo exclusives anything outside of nintendo made games you might as well play on a console A lot of them are mobile versions of the games or just simply don’t look as good or run as good you cant blame it for the hardware it has, we need the switch 2 soon.

  2. I bought a Nintendo Switch to play local multiplayer games with friends & family as well as play both the Zelda games for the first time. Playing this console in handheld mode is my favourite thing to do, feet up with a cup of tea. ????

  3. I just changed from lite to OLED this month, even if switch 2 comes out late this year it prolly going to happen the same as ps5 being out of stock pretty quickly even if I’m wrong I don’t like to buy the first waves of new consoles in case they come out with qc issues ????

  4. Why I got the Switch OLED, new, in 2024? Because why not. I want to play Zelda too, try Animal Crossing, etc. If I play all of the Legend of Zelda games, and Animal Crossing, the console has already paid for itself.

  5. Hi, thanks for the vid. I have the same thought as u, Ive been putting off buying the oled nsw bec of rumours about nsw2 coming out this first half of 2024. If u were me would u buy or wait?

  6. The OLED is also my first switch got it like 5 month agos and absolutely love it but i manly work/play on my PC and i only have a few time spare in bed before i sleep to pick up the Switch. I do bring it with me when i go out wish i could play in my car but My girlfriend don't want to drive for long distance so for me i just want more time so i can play it lol

  7. Just got one yesterday. I had an itching to play all the games I left unfinished when I sold my switch 3 years ago. I'm sure the Switch 2 is on the horizon but I'm really that bothered to be honest, if it's just going to be more ports then I'm even less interested.

  8. Listen I have a Nintendo switch red mario Oled edition and let me tell you you are on crack because it is not smooth sailing, but like you said you guys don't care about the stuttering issue in loads game like in BOTW and other games. if your ok, with fps lags than by all means go for it. P.S. to everyone out there FPS is very important I rather play at 60 flat on my pc than deal with first party games that are not 30 fps and goes low as 15 fps like in the korok forest in BOTW. There is no excuse for that and if attack and say that I am lying than you are just blind Nintendo fanboys because I grow up playing Nintendo as my first console before I built my pc.

  9. I bought it just a month ago, December, as a gift for myself. at first I kinda regret it when I was playing solo, especially i bought it brand new. But when my niece and nephews and me got together and also my friends to play smash bros ultimate, that's when I felt that it was worth it. planning to get more local multiplayer games in the future as well, like mario party and mario kart.

  10. I despise all of the Switch 2 rumor porn which has been going on for such a long time. No one knows anything. It's all clickbait.

    Nintendo is doing what they've always done in capturing the casual market. giving people a satisfying gaming experience able to fit into their busy lifestyles.

  11. Nice console as long as you buy games designed specifically for the Switch; the online store is flooded with awful conversions of mobile phone games including some that couldn't secure a license for either phone store but were let into the Nintendo corral. Triple A games? forget it. It seems a lot of Switch owners also own a PS or Xbox, reason enough to avoid the epic games designed for those platforms. Physical games are sometimes a better gauge of quality.


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