Why the Wii U is the best Retro and Emulation console in 2020 | MVG


The WiiU might be dead, but here’s why I think the Nintendo Wii U is the best console for retro and emulation in 2020. I bought another Nintendo Wii U and modified for homebrew. Let’s see what it can do ► Consider supporting me – https://www.patreon.com/ModernVintageGamer Step-by-step WiiU modding guide: ► https://wiiu.hacks.guide Social media links: ► Facebook: https: // www.facebook.com/ModernVintageGamer ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/ModernVintageG ► IG: https://instagram.com/ModernVintageGamer ► BandCamp: https://modernvintagegamer.bandcamp.com/ ► The Real MVP podcast: https://player.fm/series/the-real-mvp.



  1. My girlfriend literally gave me her Wii U that she was planning on selling and I’m kinda stoked about it. Cant wait to jailbreak it once my game pad charger comes in the mail

  2. I personally never had a Wii U (or a Wii for that matter), but I wouldn’t mind buying myself one when the right day will come. Definitely going to keep this video in the favorites for when the occasion cones.

  3. Unfortunately I bought my kids one and every Skylander figure trap and Crystal a ridiculous amount of games but one thing I did like about it though was Splatoon I like it better than part two on the switch.

  4. When I get my Wii U I'm gonna slide my way in the snow levels (my fave) on the Super Mario 64 Port.. Thanks MVG as I have N64 rom but this port looks brilliant. Saves me doing retroarch/N64 emulator installs (I hope)..

  5. meh!, PSP is still the best handheld for playing games, cant beat it, you are not gonna slip the wii U in your pocket and take it outside, or play on public transportation, and that is the problem with these newer handhelds same goes for the switch, it wont fit in your coat pocket and thus they are too big and clumbsy!, also the amount of games that you can play/download for the psp is amazing!. i wanted to get a wii u, but no, too big, too clumbsy.

  6. After watching your video on the Wii U I bought a Zelda edition Wii U in November and just unboxed it today 2 weeks into 2021. Lots of cable clutter. It’s busy downloading a couple Zelda games now. I will quickly run out of internal storage with 1 Zelda game taking up 17+ GB. An internal SSD mod would be really handy or the ability to save games on a 400GB SD card. Why the hell doesn’t Nintendo allow game storage on SD cards? Really stupid engineering.

  7. Yes it is!
    However, today sadly I sold mine after some years… because now CEMU and Dolphin are perfect.
    And if u have a good PC, you can run that games with a graphic that WiiU can only dream.
    Look videos of Super Mario Galaxy at 4k … or BOTW, obviously

  8. I had such fun and memorable experiences with the Wii U. Even the Gamepad was a refreshing addition even though I didn’t care about it when buying the console. I also really miss the music and colours in every interface throughout the system.


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