Wii emulation on the Steam Deck is GREAT


Getting round to showing off a few Wii games today on the Deck

00:00 – Mario Galaxy 2
11:28 – Punch Out
18:04 – Mario Bros Wii

Thread plugin reddit post – https://www.reddit.com/r/SteamDeck/comments/ue2vvt/this_plugin_makes_emulation_so_much_better/ .



  1. so i've been messing around with emulators recently (im not new to them as i've used them for years) as i wanted to get things ready for when i get my steam deck, hopefully soon as i'm in Q2.

    in regards to you wanting the pointer to work better with the trackpad, now i know how to change it so that the pointer doesn't auto center but i think that would apply to both trackpad and thumbstick so if you wanted the thumbstick to auto center but the trackpad to not auto center, i'm not sure how you'd do that.

    if you want it to not auto center though you have to go into dolphin, control settings, and then where emulated wiimote is choose configure, in the controller configure window load the profile that emudeck uses (i'm not sure as i havent used emudeck yet), go across to the motion simulation tab, then in the "point" settings there should be a "relative input" box, make sure that is ticked. and that is all you have to do, just make sure you save the changes to the profile.

    just a side note: you can also tick "autohide" so that the pointer isn't always on the screen, it fades away when you stop moving the pointer around.

  2. The steam deck really did kill the Switch now I can play pretty much every Nintendo game including Switch games on the deck and they all run really good the only downside is most Switch games can’t be played with Switch users but besides that everything feels perfect thanks to emudeck

  3. So I have the Xbox series x. And I'm running retroarch in dev mode. When you were playing new super Mario and you got to the bit with the gyros. Left and right. I can do it on mine by going into the retroarch settings. And doing the left and right analog. Changing it to tilt forward + and tilt forward – and v it works. Was wondering if there a setting you can go into the steam deck to make this work? Cause I was thinking about getting one.

  4. Just searched for Steam Deck Punch Out, found this vid. Got additional info from pinned comment. But my query is : How do I remap buttons for Punch-out in Game mode. Punching by L1, L2 is weird. Is it only possible on Desktop mode?

  5. Recently plugged in my Dolphin bar to test and see if real Wii remotez would work on dolphin, and it just works! Even in game mode.

    Games like Mario Galaxy and cart Wii will be using standard controllers anyway, but for games like Mario party, Wii sports,Wii party.
    Regular controllers wouldn't work too well

  6. I love videos like this solely for the fact that I'm sure it absolutely infuriates Nintendo that not only are you playing their game on another system but you've also repurposed the goddamn switch display stand ????


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