Wii HIDDEN GEMS – I found some more!


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  1. Wicked Monsters Blast really took the concept of Point Blank to a new level. It's just a shame the Switch version sucks, though that might be to do with the fact the system doesn't have proper pointer functions.

    Also, I recommend getting the PS2 version of The Lost Expedition over the The Big Adventure on the Wii, simply because that version doesn't have any annoying motion controls!

  2. Majority of the people here are just looking up some cool games to play on Dolphin. Nintendo consoles were never a thing in my country and we mostly had PS2, PS3 where you'd normally find more action related titles than other genres so it's nice to explore the other side of the world that I had no idea about as a kid.

    Nintendo consoles are literally what mobile games of today are like except that they're fun and not riddled with free to play garbage.

  3. The Wii is my favorite Nintendo console. So many hidden gems and great first party games. It is now one of my favorite consoles of all time, but it took a long time for me to understand that. As a high schooler, it collected dust next to my Ps3 that I played religiously. Times have changed and I play Wii a ton.

  4. Lego Batman 1&2 , spiderman shattered dimensions , Lego pirates of the Caribbean , Lego star wars 3, star wars the force unleashed , little kings story, Marines. Modern urban combat . these are other Wii hidden gems .

  5. Ok some more metal Jesus rocks. 1. Fragile dreams 2. Tournament of legends 3. Game party 3. 4. Spy games 5. Hot wheels the 1ft game 6. Silent hill : shattered memories 7. History channel battle for the Pacific. 8. Godfather the blackhand edition 9. Spiderman edge of time 10. Tasnko. Vs . capcom .11. Am I arcade vol 1 any good licenced games on Wii are. Amazing spiderman. And scarface : the world is yours .

  6. It's strange that the game is simply called "Dawn of Discovery" when it is Anno:1404. Even though it is a scaled down version of that title for the PC, I enjoy the child like look of the puffy graphics. The story line is silly too. It is enjoyable.

  7. Thanks for this Metal Jesus – i've just found out from your video that medal of honor heroes has a light gun on rails option (i'll try it at the weekend). Although I know they were rated poorly by the press/ critics, after buying used, for a few pounds, I would say "Transformers Cybertron adventures" which as a on rails wii zapper light gun shooter plays like time crisis but with transformers (& puts a smile on my face) and "007 Quantum of Solace" which although graphically poor, makes good use of the wii zapper and motion controls – both could be considered for your hidden gem list. Please keep making these hidden gems for the wii – a console that is still great fun if you can find the right game and don't care of game depth or graphics.

  8. A good suggestion for a hidden gem is a wii launch title for 2006 called GT pro series which is a racing game that is in a cell shaded anime-ish style. It reminds me of a ps2 game raceing game called auto modelista. In this game all the cars are licsenced japanese cars and the game controls like early grand tourismo games and honestly this game needs way more attention than it gets

  9. I've seen all your hidden gem videos, but for some reason this one just popped up for me. Don't remember getting a notification about it when it was new. Maybe I was offline for a while or something. Anyways – THANKS

  10. Hi, Metal Jesus rocks! Can you talk about the Best wiiware hidden games? I know that we can play them only hacking the consoles, but there Is too little information about them. Thanks a lot!????

  11. Although its a pain to get the motion controller sensor set up and working right, I actually prefer the motion controls and wii remote to using the Wii U gamepad now. I hated games that forced second screen use on the gamepad more than I did forced motion controls. lol.

  12. Hello Metal Jesus, and thank you very much for your hidden gems serie, which is a frequent inspiration for me when buying an obscure game on the Wii. Do not want to look like I want to promote myself, but if you ever want to give Earth Seeker a try (the game never got outside of Japan, sold 8000 copies, and is actually very poetic), please know that I created an English patch so that people can understand the story and playgame. I take the liberty to leave the link here, maybe one day you'll find it useful. Thanks again for your videos and have a nice day!


    and here's a video of the translated game :


  13. There have been better videos. These are games, well, stuff no one really needs. It's this sickness of game collecting. When someone just can't get enough. Besides Medal of Honor, there is no game which I would really concider buying.

  14. 100% agree with MOH Heroes 2. Had a PS3 at the time with COD, yet I kept coming back to this game. Playing it with the Wii Zapper online was amazing!

  15. Final fantasy crystal chronicles crystal bearers – play it for the story, though. The gameplay is lackluster.
    Spyborgs – the game seems too chaotic in the beggining and the ai gets in my way but it's fun after all


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