Wii U in 2023 – What's On My Modded Wii U?


Let’s take a tour and see what’s on my modded Wii U. We could potentially call it an all in one system.

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  1. I’ve mentioned this before but Pence PC modded this for me (and I added a few tweaks once I trusted myself enough).

    You can find them here on YouTube or search them on google and they can mod yours too!

  2. "I love sports games, but believe me: you don't need all of them."
    Blasphemy! ????????
    But seriously: You only have 400GB of GC AND Wii games? There are about 200 worthwhile GC games and 600 worthwhile Wii physical games (out of 600 and 1400), and they take more than 400GB even compressed. ???????

  3. I’ve always had problems getting usb loader gx working and also how did you get the retro arch launcher? I use aroma and i got it from the home brew App Store and I couldn’t find it on my menu

  4. i mightve been following some wii tutorials when i was doing my wii u but is there a limit on what storage your sd can have? on the wii it was like 32gb max but im wondering if your sd's r huge or if you're using usb's

  5. Am I the only one that has a modded Wii U with almost all of the Wii U games, Wii games, Gamecube games, snes, etc but don't play it much? I'm an RPG guy and Wii U is missing a lot of Wii U jrpgs ????


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