Wii U's a Downgrade for Playing Wii Games


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  1. Can anyone tell me why my Wii U is having trouble playing Wii games? It shows the icon and when I go to click on it, the screen goes black and the controller indicator light shuts off. Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Nintendo is of course never going to do this, but it would be awesome if they made a console that combined the GameCube, Wii, Wii U, Switch and Gameboy Player into a single thing.

  3. it's really simple. if you have component input available to you on your display, use a regular wii. if you only have hdmi available to you, you will still get a really good experience with the wii u. btw if you have a crt it's a crime to not have a modded wii, just sayin.

  4. thanks so much for that info. wii u is such a shit show, u briefed all the downfalls that should be in the settings. maybe one day that will also be a modification

  5. I hadn't watched this movie but I remember doing a side by side with Skyward Sword.

    On Wii U, the colours were slightly worse but the overall image was slightly cleaner.

    The image was slightly cleaner simply because it was running through HDMI which is a cleaner signal compared to component on Wii

  6. Thank you! My Wii's disc drive recently died. I do have a WiiU and was considering whether to hack that, or the Wii, so I can also keep playing GCN games. And since I have an OSSC, 4:3 480p games look great on my display, anyway. This video settles it.

  7. Wii on Wii U doesn't look worse, that's subjective, some of us prefer a softer image, and the stretching is generally correct, most Wii games have 16:9 support through anamorphic widescreen, this video is so frustrating

  8. I've always used an HDMI adapter for my Wii – it works well enough. Never had a Wii U but always found it to be even more gimmicky than the Wii was already. Great games on both sadly that were trapped on that hardware until recently.

  9. The Wii U was an awesome console; it's just that Nintendo's business plans and calculations for the hardware were awful lol. I regret not buying one but yes the Switch is better in concept so I got that in the end.
    Honestly still: one of the Biggest misses is still the Virtual Console. It's just a bit of a pain @ Nintendo wanting to be different every single time because they're not Backwards-compatible every single time.

  10. There must not be any perceptible difference between limited and full. It's a setting that is only there so you can manually match it in your devices because historically TV manufacturers have been absolutely awful at autodetecting it. Ideally a TV shouldn't need any adjustment when switching between modes but this is not guaranteed and you should verify this first with a basic calibration pass (black/white levels, color/tint in blue only mode).

  11. I wanted to play skyward sword, but only my wiiu was hooked up to the tv. Being too lazy to hook up the wii, I decided to just play on wiiu. After several hours in, I regret the decision. Going back to my old file on wii, it does look much better. Theres more noticeable blurriness on larger TVs too.

  12. Maybe its because I grew up playing the Wii with conposite on a TV, but I don't really understand why you'd want a sharper standard definition image: you're not revealing any additional information, you're just making the aliasing more obvious. For the colours though I'm definitely on board

  13. For the most part, I hardly see any differences between Wii U and an actual Wii, so that's nice. But there are a few cases where the Wii U breaks certain things.
    For example, Medal of Honor Vanguard's 16:9 is totally broken on Wii U, and you lose the GameCube controller for Brawl.

  14. I think that component cable in the box is a UK thing? The North American Wii U came with an HDMI cable.

    Edit: also the black bars are overscan. Remember the Wii is SD technology, the black bars are usually just hidden because most TVs account for it in some way at 480i/480p. If you put the Wii U to 720p on a 1080p set you can easily adjust it to hide the black area as normal.


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