Wuthering Waves is “disheartened” it didn’t provide a “high-quality experience” at launch

Wuthering Waves is

Wuthering Waves developer Kuro Games has once again apologised to players for “the deficiencies and issues present” in the game, and outlined how it intends to improve the experience going forward.

In a lengthy blog entitled “Announcement on Wuthering Waves 1.0 Version and Future Adjustment Directions” posted earlier today, the team said Wuthering Waves was its “first fully independently developed and globally published game” and understood that the launch issues have “affected your gaming experience”.

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In a bid to outline how it intends to improve things for “those who love the game”, Kuro says it has been focussed on optimisations and iterations for the 1.0 versions, as well as looking ahead to what changes it can introduce in further version updates.

“We are aware of the common concern in the community that the current Echo leveling experience feels too grindy and the game lacks a Waveplates storage system,” the team said. “We have confirmed and will implement the following adjustments while we are working internally on solutions to address other common concerns.”

Consequently, there will be a limited-time Echo material double yield event called “Chord Cleansing” – although we’re not sure when that will be – and the dev team says it will adjust the progression system to decrease the Shell Credit costs to develop Echoes in the 1.1 update.

The reward cutscene of the Tacet Field will also be removed from the 1.1 version, and the yield of Echoes and Echo development materials will be increased.

Similarly, the team has been focussed on the Echo recycling system that has been short-changing players when recycling developed Echoes, but admits it “failed to issue an announcement” of the hotfix it introduced as a result, “which regrettably caused negative experiences for our players”.

“We sincerely apologise for our improper way of handling this situation and the inconvenience caused,” Kuro said.

Consequently, by 10th June all players will be credited with one million Shell Credit as compensation.

“As has been discovered by our players, the description of the 5-Star Weapon Verdant Summit in the game in certain languages contained a mistranslation,” the team added.

“Upon discovering this issue, we promptly corrected the description and issued compensations to all Rovers. We have also initiated a comprehensive internal review of the localised versions of the in-game texts across all the languages that we support. Any corrections or improvements made during the process will be included in the upcoming updates. We sincerely apologise for this mistake and want to reassure you that we’re committed to continuously improving the quality of our localisation to better the experience for all Rovers.”

As an apology, players will get a five Forging Tides as a one-off compensation gift for the translation error.

“Since Wuthering Wave’s official global launch, we have been disheartened by our inability to provide a high-quality gaming experience to all Rovers. We understand that continuously releasing better versions and content is our goal and mission, and we will always strive to uphold them,” the team concluded.

“Apart from the adjustments mentioned above, we recognise that there are still many issues in the game that affect player experience. We are committed to listening to every single piece of feedback, continuously organising, optimising, and resolving these issues to make Wuthering Waves better.”

For more, check out Kuro’s detailed post right here.

For the unaware, Wuthering Waves is a new free-to-play open world action-RPG with gacha. It’s set in a futuristic post-apocalypse and features real-time action combat, as well as voice talent from Final Fantasy, Baldur’s Gate 3 and more.

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