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Follow me on Twitter – Support Channel on Patreon – Music by Heatly Bros – 8El8ZP8LMFE Timestamps 0:00 Intro 1:11 Aeterna Noctis release date and platforms 2:38 Respawn Entertainment is working on a new game 5:29 Double fine confirms Xbox helps enlarge psychonauts 11:14 Analyst predicts Nintendo Switch sales 15:01 Activision Blizzard A disturbing lawsuit 17:24 Poll of the day Sources: 245420/article/respawn-entertainment-is-making-a -new-game-single-player/ its-boss-fights-for-cost-reasons-before -microsoft-bought-double-fine -9eaa7f462946.html?utm_campaign=organic&utm_medium=socialshare &utm_source=twitter 021-07-19-switch-oled-vs-steam-deck-the-non-battle-of-the-new-handhelds https://kotaku .com/blizzard-boss-accused-of-failing-to-address -sexual-hara-1847351449?utm_campaign=Kotaku&utm_content=1627065867&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_source=twitter nintendo switch oled psychonauts 2 xbox news xbox game pass double fine xbox acquisition.



  1. The problem (for a Titanfall Fan) is, that Respawn currently does the following:
    1. One separate team works on Content for Apex
    2. One smaller team obviously works on a new Singleplayer IP
    3. It is threw many leaks actually all but confirmed that since the launch, here is a team (probably the same team as before) working on a Jedi fallen order 2

    So in other words, there is just not much room for Titanfall 3 and if they want to make a big step visually work TF3, one huge part of development would be to use an entirely new engine or hugely modify the source Engine to become modern again (don't forget this engine is pretty much 20 years old so this couldn't be easy)

  2. Psychonauts 1 is one of the best ideas ?ever created not just a game but a true gem among gems.
    So 2 ain't gonna be multi platform?
    That sucks .
    I like that it's getting big money BUT I'm sad that I won't be able to play it on the Switch .

    I'm gonna have to buy a new XBOX system to play my fave game …kinda bummed.

  3. I'm glad xbox picked up Inxile when they did, that studio was really struggling financially, so much so that Brian fargo was actually going to leave. Now he's staying on after the acquisition which is great news

  4. << has XseriesX day one but wonder will I ever see the Console truly tested by a Next Gen game.
    >> have Flight Simulator pre-installed & imagine it will be heavily demanding but will be semi dependant on streaming factors.
    *Next Gen Offline Single Player game on XseriesX with all bells & whistles…which IS NOT
    Call Of Duty.

  5. 7:06 No, no, no, People aren't afraid of mergers stomping on creativity, they are afraid of mergers stomping on accessibility. These big companies can act as coaches to bring out a teams full potential, which is good, but in doing so they are limiting the amount of people who will experience those games, which is bad. It's a double edged sword. Microsoft COULD afford to purchase all of Square Enix for example and truly bring out their potential but in doing so MILLIONS of PlayStation and Switch players can't play those games on their preferred platform. Final Fantasy? Kingdom Hearts? Dragon Quest? Just Cause? Tomb Raider? Neir? HitMan? All of these are bigger and better games with Microsoft's money, but also forever gone for over 100 million players on their preferred platform. So, tell me – is that worth it ?

  6. Yeah, the whole situation with activision is something I am not willing to stand for. I'm not gonna purchase anymore activision games or play Warzone again. This is not okay. I was excited for OW2 and I'm a fan of Warzone, but I don't at all want to support that kind of behavior.

  7. Just because someone makes an accusation that doesn't make it true. Claimants can make a lot of money from discrimination lawsuits so there is a strong incentive for them to lie.

  8. Yes, Dead Space is a great game but I don’t think we should continue to congratulate companies for remakes. Yes, I have enjoyed a lot of remakes but at the end of the day they are just that. Remakes of an already existing game. Again I do enjoy them, I just don’t understand the hype for a Next Gen game that’s something I have already played.

  9. Anybody buying Switch at that time is a fool and Switch OLED is trash but seeing how it's a Nintendo system it'll still sell but in no fucking way it's gonna be the best selling game of all time.

  10. All the three console companies are acquiring game studios and expanding,

    But the difference is one of them (Sony) is hypocrite and throwing shades at Microsoft for acquiring studios like they aren't doing it themselves.

  11. It isn't our job to "hold Activision accountable". That's the court system's job. Right now, they have been accused of misconduct, but it has yet to be proven. When and if it is, they will be punished. Let Due process run its course.

  12. I've lost trust in respawn because of the Titanfall 2 situation. And now to add more salt to the wound of Titanfall fans they are now working on a new IP instead of Titanfall 3 which we have been waiting for for about 6 years now.

  13. The most important day as your fan was today that you took a stand for an important news of sexism in Activision Blizzard.
    It's important to take a stand in situations like that.

  14. IMO, Microsoft handles acquisitions a lot better than Sony because they don’t lock their games to one single platform and they have a subscription service that they release all of those games day one


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