You can even cheat in Among Us


The indie game Among Us has really gone through the roof in the last few weeks just like Fall guys, Phasmophobia and other hyped games in the moment. and is celebrating its hype not only on Steam but also on mobile. There are thousands of people who like the game and left good Steam reviews and mobile game reviews. But cheaters and hackers are causing problems right now. Even though the game doesn’t even offer them any rewards for doing so.

In Among Us, players join forces as a team to carry out important work on a spaceship together. But among the helping crew members, there are also saboteurs, the imposter that have the option of killing crew members. Most of you should know the gameplay of Among Us by now. The more surprising is that there are actually cheaters and hackers in the game.

What kind of cheater problem is that?

There are some complaints from gamers about cheaters on the Among Us subreddit and on Twitter. And it’s not just about killed players talking and betraying the killer. Because there are actually people who run through sessions with mod menus and cheat other players.

Now you are wondering how to cheat in this game that is mostly about discussion, cheating and betrayal? Well, folks with mod menus can:

  • simply kill players one after the other without a kill cooldown
  • increase their walking speed
  • end the game and decide which team wins
  • set that they are always imposter

Why is that a problem?

That is the disadvantage: Although there are no rewards in Among Us, so no bonus that a cheater can take away from you. But it is still annoying when he suddenly ends the round in the middle of the action. Or when the crew members get killed one after the other.

You’re better off playing with a group of friends. Or you can exchange friendship details in public lobbies or via Discord. So you can keep playing with the people you trust. At least when it comes to cheating.

What the developers say: The Innersloth development team consists of just three developers. For them it is now a hurdle to get the cheaters under control. But they already have plans how to reveal to Kotaku.

  • An account system should come into action for better moderation and reporting functions
  • In addition, they want to improve the servers so that they can better recognize and block hacks



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