Your 3DS Can Do So Much More


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  1. (7:14) Heads up for both you and Old 3DS owners, GBA emulators dont work well on the Old 3DS at all. I think open_AGB firm is perfectly fine for both systems, but its kinda the only option for O3DS users here (i say this as an O3DS owner myself).

  2. I treat modding consoles like a puzzle box, it's always a different method, but the patterns stay the same. I enjoy a good number of games that I got from back in the day, but I'm finding a bigger interest in making them run on something other than their native console. To me, it was never about the destination, but the journey, asking the question "What can I do with this?", And the answer has never disappointed me.

  3. daaamn, that ending!! i was only curious about emulation performance, but then the music stopped and the things you said, they sounded so hopeless.. see, for me, the fact that i enjoy configuring emulators more than playing the games was always kind of like a hint, a signal that this is the field that i'm interested in, that i have something to contribute, even if now it feels like it's a useless "skill".. i'm actually kind of sorry to hear that you feel that way, seeing how even finding your video wasn't pointless.. in truth, not everything has to have some grand purpose behind it, or affect millions to "have meaning", i think it's more about finding what excites you at that point in time and going for it! like your passion for emulation makes me go "yeah, he gets it!", like it's some kind of permission to be as nerdy as i would if no one was watching, but here you are, GOING FOR IT.. idk, to me it just doesn't seem as hopeless and i hope you'll feel better about "going hard", because i think there's nothing wrong with that.. 😀

  4. I'm late to the scene but that ending hit at home for me a little different because for me personally, my main struggle with society is the gravitation towards a rental/ subscription based market, where ownership will be a thing of the past. The journey of emulation and modding is an important and necessary struggle of preservation. These "old games" are history and someone needs to pass along the torch to the next generation.

  5. Omg. Your last comments about endlessly tinkering with the console instead of playing with it touches my heart 'cause that's exactly what I love to do with my own retro consoles. Great great video!

  6. collection of this stuff is preservation that companies like nintendo have little interest in doing. why would owning a collection of books you dont reread again and again be any less valid than a collection of old games?

  7. The ending bummed me out a bit. You aren't alone though. I find myself super excited to finally be able to get all these older games only to end up not even having the time or energy to get to them

  8. "Is there even a point in the modding process?" Yes, you just have to get hooked on a randomizer of one of your favorite 3DS games for infinite dopamine lmao. I personally recommend A Link Between Worlds.

  9. PS1 can actually work quite well on the n3DS in RetroArch providing you mess with some settings. I got Parappa, Spyro and Crash Bandicoot 1 working quite well on my 2ds XL

  10. This one got way too real (and I definitely feel the same about a lot of it, my 3ds and Vita dont get nearly as much use since I softmodded them. Ps2 maybe, if I want to stream games to friends)


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