YOUR Top 15 Switch Games of the Year 2022


You have voted for your Nintendo Switch games of the year! Let’s take a look at the results. From JRPGs to platformers, first party Triple A titles to indie gems. YOUR top 15 Switch games of 2022. Fact.

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  1. I really don't understand what people like so much about Xenoblade games… After 10 initial ours they get too repetitive and boring too fast. Story is dragging out too much and overall is just uninteresting.

  2. I just be don't have time to play games anymore , but I want to play xenoblade 3 soo bad, will I be very lost if I jump straight in, only have like an hour a day to play sometimes 2.

  3. It’s really exciting to see Xenoblade be so successful. I played a bit of the 3DS port and thought it was fun but didn’t get very far. Wonder if I should go back to 1 before playing 2 and 3

  4. As non xeno player who got his switch last year I think Xeno 2 is more attractive with its world, character (girls) designs and story, I watched enough videos to know it’s battling system have problems with bad tutorials but the game isn’t too hard to rely on mastering it, Xeno 3 hits me weird giving me final fantasy vibes especially the tech yet still mixed with fantasy genre which is contradictory.

  5. My top 5 :
    1. Chained Echoes
    2. Xenoblade Chronicles 3
    3. Triangle Strategy
    4. Tactics Ogre Reborn
    5. Live a Live

    Chained Echoes is just a gem. No need for explanation on this one. It's basically Chrono Trigger + FF6 + Xenogears with a touch of Suikoden. INSANE.
    Xenoblade is Also a really really good realease, as all game from this series are.
    Triangle Strategy is INSANE. It's FF Tactics + Octopath Traveler basically. Two insanely good games.
    Tactics Ogre is basically… tactics ogre… but with quality of life improvement on the gameplay.
    Live a Live surprised me, as I never played the original. I really liked it.

    There's also P5R, but I don't include it, as it was not technically a "new release", but rather just a port, with nothing really added to the game experience.

  6. Your take on Splatoon is off IMO 3 is has plenty of new content and improvements. I don’t have any issue with the fact that is 9th but your reasoning about it.

  7. New games I played this year:
    – Republique Anniversary Edition
    – Road 96
    – TMNT Cowabunga Collection
    – Remothered Tormented Fathers
    – Nier Automata
    – Life is Strange: True Colors

    Two of these games didn't release on the Switch this year. Between Nier Automata and Life Is Strange they were both GOTY for me.

    And I still have a zillion other games I bought this year that I haven't played. I'm thinking Strife will be the next one I'll play.

  8. Exellent as always Jordan! Thank you.
    I usually only buy the weird and quirky titles on release date, except for a few franchises that I just can't wait to play. So I'm at least one year behind on all the mainstream titles. But Record of Lodoss War was my GOTY this year. I'm glad it made the list, I wasn't expecting that ????

  9. For me it was Bayonetta 3 and Xenoade 3,cant say i liked Xeno really much, i guess its okey, first 50 hours it was top, then i got really boring so i drop ir. Bayonetta 3 for me was one the games i hated and loved same time, like dark souls, all because insane difficulty of witch trials 3,i still playing it though, cleareang all on pure platinum.


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