Zion's Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games


Everyone has their favorites, so the three of us decided to talk about our favorite Nintendo Switch games! Today we’re talking about Zion’s Top 5 Picks! Check out Alex’s favorites here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk6N8HDCwHE Check out Jon’s favorites here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZ2dY0Hp7P0 Check out our full site: http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife #NintendoSwitch #VideoGames #SwitchGames .



  1. I think yooka laylee (original ) gets alot of hate but as a long time banjo fan I loved it. Banjo is obv better but yooka laylee is unique in alot of ways and I love the big open levels. It may not be the proper banjo 3 all of us hoped for but it's great as its own thing.

    I also love tropical freeze and I have impossible lair on my switch rn so I'm looking forward to playing it.

  2. Top 5 Favorite
    1. Fire Emblem: Three Houses
    2. Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    3. The Alliance Alive HD Remastered
    4. Persona 5 Strikers
    5. Divinity: Original Sin 2

    Honorable Mentions
    1. Dragon Quest XI: S
    2. Deadly Premonition: Origins
    3. Hyper Light Drifter: Special Edition
    4. Bravely Default 2
    5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  3. IMO

    1) Hollow Knight- the art is amazing, the music is spine chilling, the combat is impeccable, the story is sad but beautiful at the same time, and the ending is UBER satisfying!
    2) Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition- absolutely amazing and unforgettable story with a ton of twists and turns throughout! The music is so memorable and so awesome I get goosebumps every time I run around the open world especially Gaur Plain:*)
    3) BOTW- my first zelda game and it started my love for the franchise as well. So many things to do, any direction is the right direction to go in, the amount of content, the music, the atmosphere, the combat!!!
    4) FE:3H- abundant amount of content, Fodlan Winds makes me feel like I'm a freaking emperor fighting in an epic battle every time I hear it, Edelgard is the ultimate waifu, and the storylines are heart jerking!
    5) Celeste/Cuphead- sharp and precise gameplay, amazing art styles and animations, jaw dropping music and so hard you wanna yeet your controller across the room but for some god damn reason you come back for more:*)

  4. I think my five favoritea would have to be(and some of these are new by the way) Mario Odyssey, Pokemon mystery dungeon red and blue rescue team deluxe, Friday the 13th the game because who doesn't like playing as the bad guy, this one's kind of me cheating but the muscle warrior type games like persona 5 Strikers, Hyrule Warriors Hyrule Warriors Calamity, and Fire Emblem warriors, a bunch of those together so as My number four. And I would have to say okay I'm going to cheat again and I'm going to say the telltale games that I got like Batman to telltale series Sam and Max Walking Dead. I know you are looking for five but I couldn't help myself I got more than five games I like so I hope you guys don't mind the cheat.

  5. I love the original Link's Awakening and the Oracle Zelda games. I think they still work great. Pausing to switch items is just such a part of Zelda that even if those ones do it slightly more than other ones, I don't think it's a problem really. We're all just so spoiled with Breath Of The Wild nowadays (plus the Awakening remake). The whole "single screen at a time" thing is fine by me too. It's like Zelda 1. Link To The Past and Link Between Worlds do it too, though those screens are bigger.

  6. Nice video! I really enjoyed Astral Chain and Link’s Awakening as well and they are in my Switch Top 10. My own personal Switch Top 5 are:

    1. The Messenger
    2. Valfaris
    3. Dead Cells
    4. Ori and the Will of the Wisps
    5. Super Mario Odyssey

  7. Astral Chain is an amazing pick. Definitely one of the actual Switch exclusive bombshells that not enough people talk about. Funny enough, though Monster Hunter Rise has a specific Wirebug Art (for the Lance) that reminds me very much of the chain from Astral Chain. That left some of us thinking "did they observe Astral Chain when finalizing that art?" Sure, probably coincidence, but it had us thinking. But yeah, it is probably one of the best-looking Cyberpunk 3D games out there, that launched with no major performance issues. It generally stays pretty fluid, throughout, well, except for those annoying rude pedestrians that try to get you to drop your wonderful stack of icecream you get from the ice cream parlor. Hey! Don't get between an Agent and their Ice cream, buddy!

    The combat is one of those things that can be rather complex, but so rewarding. Glad it has a fairly smooth difficulty curve and doesn't require you to suddenly be an expert at the finer mechanics too quickly.

    Impossible lair, talk about a great return to form. That's pretty much a game that anybody who has played through DKC Returns and/or Tropical Freeze needs to play. You guys said it, it's pretty much a DKC game, mix with certain other game aspects (with the top down view areas) but without the DK license. Wonderful consistent frame rate and animations. Smooth controls. It also shows that the team really shines in games where the camera-management isn't a thing for the player, and they can just put 100% of their control efforts on just the character. And that DKC Gameboy mode is crazy stuff.

    Animal crossing one of those series that I've literally bought past consoles to play. I have nearly 900 hours in this one. Heck, even the last mainline New Leaf, I played nearly every day for 3 years straight before slowing down. The idea that the game runs in real time has that double edged sword for different players. In one case, yeah, it means that you have to wait until tomorrow for certain acquisitions; on the other hand, it also greatly relaxes the stress of having to accomplish certain things so quickly. Having all day to get something done is literally all day, not like other games with accelerated timelines when all day means get everything possibly done in 15-30 minutes. I also would love if they added the Island Survival mini game as that was both the best part of Amiibo Festival which was added to New Leaf in an update.


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