Zion's Top 5 Switch Games of 2022


Nine? Seven? Three? Nope, FIVE!

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  1. I've only played the demo because I got it for PS5 thinking that it would run like garbage on the switch, but I played the demo and I was really surprised at how good it looks and how good it runs. I guess it helps that it didn't look exactly spectacular on the PS5 either

  2. These may be my favorite videos you guys do. I love the conversations between you three, it feels like being in a room with good friends. Sending great vibes to all of you for 2023!

  3. Sonic Frontiers is such a weird game. Had I bought it full price day one like planned, I would've been disappointed, but as a "what the hell" Black Friday purchase for $29 I love it.

  4. For anyone who loved Nier Automata and its story, give Nier Replicant a try. How the two stories tie together is pretty awesome. Just keep in mind that the gameplay isn’t at Automata levels, which is a shame. It’s like a 10/10 story in a 7/10 game. Though I think there’s a chance it’ll help you love Automata even more. Be sure to play to Ending E, and yes it’s a bit of a slog…and so worth it.

  5. Think if they would have taken the catching mechanics and the way pokemon act , and then combined that with scarlet and violet , without all the bugs and frame issues. S and V would have been considered an absolute masterpiece.

  6. Let's face it Arceus is lackluster. It has no driving story, so we don't get any sense of progress or even adventure. It is a collect them all game and not much else. It doesn't feel like it got any real passion from the Pokemon company and it isn't going to be support in the future because of that. They created a good foundation and felt like that was enough effort.

  7. When the video started with scenes from Digimon Survive, I got very excited to hear Zion talk about it, but then there was nothing about it in the whole video and I was left very sad….
    Totally Jebaited. :'(((

  8. 2022 has honestly been a really great year for the Switch, with no shortage of fantastic titles to pick from. My own top 5 of the year would have to be:

    5. Pokémon Legends Arceus
    4. The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero
    3. AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative
    2. Triangle Strategy
    1. Kirby and the Forgotten Land

    Huge honorable mention to some of my other favorite titles of the year, namely Chained Echoes, Infernax, Tactics Ogre: Reborn, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, Bayonetta 3, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and Live A Live, all fantastic titles that absolutely deserve to be played!

  9. Great list, loving the conversations…

    But OMORI is such a you game and you need to get ontop of that. Totally would have made this list 😛

    Not like you don't already have a backlog, eh? ;D

  10. I do the same I play some of my games on and off when iam not as busy with the inds centre link workers that help get help in my life and sometimes I do playing my backlog of games to from time to time to and I have lots more games coming out next year January one but February lots coming out one day I will a few games or hopefully they will be still that by time I get to 24 of February but time will tell iam shock to that first for the Nintendo switch doing this that I ever seen wow in 2023 woot and i am hype for aew wrestling game to next year to I am hopeing or hopefully it will


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